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Dough Bowls

Dough Bowls

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The stunning designs of our Bowl Candle Collection are the perfect way to infuse personality and charm into your home design, with hand-poured quality and exquisite aromatic fragrance that will enchant your family and friends.

Our Dough Bowls come in a variety of colors and scents that create a full sensory experience to elevate your home décor. Upon request, our Glass Vessels can be personalized to include gems, floral accents, or your favorite colors to complement your home’s interior. Select one of our stunning Table Scape Glass Vessels to use as a unique centerpiece or table accent to enhance the beauty of any room in your home with graceful style. 

Each piece in our Bowl Candle Collection is hand-poured and made to order, and requires a 7-10 day cure time to reach full aromatic perfection. Because of their handcrafted quality, each  Dough Bowl and Glass Vessel will have slight variations that add to their one-of-a-kind desirability. 

After you have enjoyed every last bit of your candle, our Dough Bowls and Glass Vessels can be repurposed to use as functional or design elements for your home, simply by cleaning them out with warm, soapy water. They also make great gifts for family and friends!

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